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Custom Journeys Ultimate Japan

Tenryu-ji in Kyoto

Travel to Japan is unlike any other destination in the world.   A major developed nation with centuries of rich history and culture and yet most of it is unknown to even the most worldly travelers.   Steeped in tradition, understanding how to engage the people of Japan requires careful navigation of rules, etiquette, social protocol and personal introductions.   While almost anything is possible is Japan, who you know counts for much more than who you are.

In addition to access, travel logistics in Japan are not self-evident.  There are many snags that can trip up even the most savvy traveler as the Japanese have their own way of doing things.  For instance, did you know that the Japanese do not take their large suitcases on their famed Shinkansen (bullet) trains and there are virtually no porters throughout Japan?   That’s because they ship their bags and travel at leisure to arrive at their destination to find their luggage safely waiting in their hotel room.

Working with our Custom Journeys Ultimate Tour expert will enable you to not only navigate and negotiate the country easily, but you will also be able to spend your journey focusing on the many authentic and engaging experiences available in this dynamic and mystical country.

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