Esprit Travel & Tours

A Personal Introduction to the Arts & Culture of Japan

Esprit Travel’s cultural tours started with a simple vision: to give travelers an authentic experience of the culture of Japan in all its richness and beauty. Our motivation was equally simple. We were completely enchanted with the artistry, culture, people and life of Japan and wanted to share it with travelers seeking a genuine experience of another culture.

It has been the good fortune of many of us at Esprit to live, work, study and explore throughout Japan. We each, in our own way, entered into the life and the heart of Japan and felt sure we could share that with fellow adventurers. From the start, we saw that simply riding around Japan on a tour bus and getting off to see imperial palaces and major sites would not reveal the Japan we had come to know and love. It would not allow our travelers to experience the way one is intoxicated, even seduced, by a wonderful new world. So, we set out to plan and lead cultural tours that transcend mere travel.

Today, it is our pleasure to provide travel experiences that unfold like a beautiful story you never want to end. Because each of our independent tours are carefully crafted to open many windows into a culture, each traveler can have a uniquely meaningful experience. Perhaps you will always remember the way the maples glowed at sunrise as gongs rang and monks chanted, or the Kabuki actors explaining their art to you, or the artisan showing you the stoneware tea bowls still dripping with glaze that he creates in his workshop. Someone else many treasure the time spent soaking in a mountain hot spring, contemplating the wonders of the day. Whatever the moments are that resonate and enlighten, our goal is to make sure you enjoy them.